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What Sunglasses Does August Alsina Wear?

Well, if you’ve been following the latest fashion trends, we are sure you’ve noticed the bold, yet strikingly unique style of August Alsina. His oversized plaid shirt and white zip denim pants, worn at the BET awards this year; have become a viral trend.  This American record artist, known to be making positive waves in the music industry is famous for one other reason. Yes, you’ve guess it right- his totally young and distinctive style statement.

The singer, best known for his hit single ‘I luv this shit’, famously carries off a wide range of shades, while endorsing the wayfarer style of sunglasses as his personal favorite. So, for all those who are keen to emulate the ‘August Alsina’ look, here is a list of sunglasses and styles he most commonly wears.

august alsina sunglasses

Souce: SongKick.com / August Alsina Wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers

The wayfarer style– well, we had to get this style right at the top of our list, didn’t we? The wayfarer style of sunglasses is a classic style statement of the iconic singer. This style has a thick frame that promises to go well with all types of face shapes, and is an instant hit with the youngsters in particular. The fact that the shades provide a snug fit to the head helps highlight the cheek bones and contour the jaw lines of the face.

The sporty look– ever heard of the adage that ‘you don’t have to play sports to wear a sportsman’s style and attitude’? Well, it sure holds true for August Alsina we say, for he carries this style of shades with effortless ease and style. The shades come with both thin and coloured lenses that stand rimless half way through the frame. The top part of this pair of shades has a thick frame that is tapered at the bridge of the temples. These shades also come with the additional anti-glare protection to enhance visibility.  Ideal to bounce off some of the glaring light from the paparazzi, we bet.

Oversized sunglasses– well, for a person who carries oversized shirts with at most flair and style, we bet that he most definitely will endorse our range of oversized sunglasses. Available in a variety of colours, these oversized sunglasses range from a choice of vintage and contemporary frames. Synonymous to their names, they appear oversized in look and draw immediate attention to the eye. They also come in a selection of colors, prints and lenses that cater to different tastes.

Get a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers to get the awesome AUGUST ALSINA LOOK:


So, with a variety of choices to select from; we are sure these styles will help bring out your very own personal style and fashion statement. We definitely see a trending fashionista in the making, what say?

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