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A Conversation About Sunglass Screws Turns to Robots & The Matrix with Customer

we <3 our shoppers…sorobot text so much.

(16:54:00)  Mike in Sales Hello, welcome to ShadesDaddy! Can I help you in any way?
(16:54:01)  Visitor Hey, ummm I need a screw for a pair of wayfarers. Do you sell them??
(16:54:10)  Mike in Sales no screws – sorry!
(16:54:19)  Visitor Damn
(16:54:33)  Mike in Sales email [email protected]
(16:54:38)  Mike in Sales maybe we can help.
(16:54:38)  Visitor is this automated or do you know where I can find one??
(16:54:44)  Mike in Sales no im real hah
(16:54:50)  Mike in Sales half robot half human
(16:54:55)  Visitor awesome
(16:55:32)  Visitor okay so you said no, but ya still want me to email?
(16:55:41)  Mike in Sales yes, email
(16:55:43)  Mike in Sales maybe we can
(16:55:47)  Mike in Sales cause wayfarers are really popular so
(16:57:14)  Visitor yeah i thought that
(16:57:18)  Visitor are you like a manager?
(16:58:13)  Visitor ooh are you american?
(16:59:56)  Mike in Sales manager or american?
(16:59:58)  Mike in Sales haha
(17:00:00)  Mike in Sales American
(17:00:02)  Visitor er both?
(17:00:14)  Visitor bugger, so if i buy something on here then it will come from america and take bloody ages
(17:00:21)  Visitor i’m a brit as you can probably guess
(17:00:23)  Mike in Sales it can
(17:00:24)  Mike in Sales yep
(17:00:34)  Mike in Sales go to a local store, man. they should have screws!
(17:00:40)  Visitor hey i’m a lady!
(17:00:46)  Mike in Sales sorry!
(17:00:47)  Mike in Sales LADY
(17:00:58)  Visitor haha you’re so professional
(17:01:07)  Mike in Sales we talk to customers like friends here
(17:01:19)  Mike in Sales normal communication ..
(17:01:36)  Visitor right oh
(17:01:37)  Mike in Sales you don’t want someone fake do you? 🙂
(17:01:48)  Visitor well it’s annoying talking to a robot right
(17:01:56)  Mike in Sales im half robot
(17:02:01)  Visitor ahuh
(17:02:06)  Mike in Sales half amazing
(17:02:06)  Visitor do you have like a bionic arm or something
(17:02:13)  Visitor smooth!
(17:02:16)  Mike in Sales no i live inside the computer
(17:02:25)  Visitor like tron?
(17:02:27)  Visitor are you stuck?
(17:02:39)  Mike in Sales i am – i need to help 1000 people find parts for sunglasses and i can finally be let out.
(17:02:52)  Visitor what number are you on now?
(17:02:57)  Mike in Sales 4
(17:03:05)  Mike in Sales no way, over 500 mark for sure already.
(17:03:15)  Visitor maybe i should get my friends to talk to you
(17:03:24)  Mike in Sales please
(17:03:32)  Visitor i feel bad that you’re stuck in some alternate reality
(17:03:33)  Mike in Sales do they live in the digital world or real world?
(17:03:44)  Visitor the real world, is that a problem?
(17:03:49)  Mike in Sales no
(17:04:00)  Mike in Sales i think you think this is the real world
(17:04:04)  Mike in Sales but you’re not
(17:04:07)  Mike in Sales you’re half digital half real.
(17:05:15)  Visitor shit i’m in the matrix aren’t i?
(17:05:32)  Mike in Sales what pill did you take?
(17:09:15)  Visitor you’re messing with my mind dude
(17:09:34)  Mike in Sales uh oh – you might end up here stuck with me.
(17:10:24)  Visitor as long as you keep entertaining me then that’s fine
(17:10:43)  Mike in Sales i know right haha – ok great chat – i need to find my way out of the matrix
(17:11:06)  Mike in Sales share this chat with all your friends. invite them to the matrix.
(17:11:27)  Visitor i shall do, goodbye half-robot it’s been interesting.
(17:11:45)  Mike in Sales it is. maybe we’ll never speak again – but you shall remember this.
(17:12:10)  Mike in Sales say goodbye to this robot – cause there won’t be robot like me again.
(17:15:30)  Visitor i actually don’t think there ever will be and this makes me slightly sad. i shall continue my quest for a screw.
(17:15:45)  Visitor and that was NOT supposed to be an innuendo!
(17:16:09)  Mike in Sales dont worry – you can find me here sometimes, maybe. unless this was all a dream.

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