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Ray-Ban Carbon Fibre Sunglasses Review

When you talk about the perfect pair of sunglasses for the season, we all know our go to shapes as well our color preferences that will work fine with any season, occasion, and more importantly, outfit.

The Aviators are a classic. Being the top nostalgia inducing sunglasses yet the Carbon Fibre is no different. They may have started out for the Air Corps and the Navy during the Second World War but it is the most stylish men and women who have been donning them now.

Most Popular Ray-Ban Carbon Fibre Aviator // Ray-Ban 8307


Ray Ban continues to be one of the most versatile users of materials for its sunglasses. The first line that they introduced was the Ray Ban Craft which came with real leather accents. The Carbon Fibre collection has come out right in time by the brand’s Tech department.

Its features are elongated around the temples and the pair comes with rubber temple tips for comfort and a non slip grip. The pair is available in both non polarized and polarized shades and also with multiple color combinations.


The new collection features all these sunglasses that are made out of Carbon Fibre and resin composite which makes them lightweight, resilient, and flexible. Carbon Fibre is not just a name; it is genuine material that is used in everyday machines like airplanes and cars. It is often proven to be stronger than steel.

The Ray Ban Carbon Fibre sunglasses are easy to wear and feature the rimless three piece mount construction. The innovation as the brand explains itself is that they layered the frames of the sunglasses seven times with genuine carbon fibre.

The Lenses

Unlike its Flip Out collection the lenses are not changeable. They do have an anti reflective coating and Hydro- oleophobic lenses that shield off grease and water. The lenses simply do not get dirty that easy. The grime slides off, which is super convenient for so many of us who want nothing to do with picking up the pieces left by Mother Nature. This makes the Carbon Fibre sunglasses ideal for outdoors and for indulging in any sports activities.

Tech has always been the cutting edge range of the brand, first with Liteforce and then with Flip Out. It proved just that with Carbon Fibre as well.

The Size

A lot of people have been really happy with the snug fit that the pair of sunglasses offers, especially for those who did not feel it before with any other pair. It could be because of the rubber tips at the ends, or it could be the material itself, which is flexible too.

The Carbon Fibre sunglasses are designed not just for a particular face shape, but for several different ones, one of the ways Ray Bans expanded their market, as consumers get smarter about evolving trends and how that matches their own personal taste.

We want to give this accessory a 5/5!



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