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Nerd Glasses: The Take Over

I remember growing up and having to wear prescription glasses. To me at the time, that was the most awful thing that could happen. Now, it is a cool thing to wear prescription glasses. Some people even wear glasses with plastic no-prescription lenses to go along with the trend.

The trend first started in the 1950s when these thick, big, and dark frames became fashionable. Since then, they have resurfaced. One can see Hollywood celebrities; both men and women are rockin’ this look. The look is so popular, celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson are wearing them to award ceremonies and movie premieres. Anne Hathaway Nerd Glasses

The most popular brand for these glasses is Ray-Ban. This brand has what we would consider the “real” nerd glasses. When you think of those types of glasses, you’re thinking of the Ray Ban RX5121 2000. This style has a very thick frame and squared shape. If you’re still not sure about this look, fashion brands like D&G and Versace have done their own take on these types of glasses.

Let’s be honest – not all of us can pull off the Ray-Ban style. For some, they might look too strong on the face. So it’s good that these fashion houses have actually done a toned-down look. The frames for these are a lot thinner, aren’t as squared, and are smaller in size.

Don’t be scared to try the look, even if you can’t go for the “original” nerd look. There is a frame out there which is softer-looking. Also, why not try and give this look an updated kick to it and go for ones in color rather than black and tortoise?

Here are a few tips to consider when wearing the glasses. You don’t want to look like you put together a costume, and you’ll just look like you’re trying way too hard to go along with the trend.

• Keep your style simple, the glasses are already making a statement.

• Go for the androgynous look; wear boyfriend jeans and blazers etc.
• Keep your earrings simple, go for studs, if you wear long ones your face will look too busy.
• Keep your make up simple – no crazy eye shadow; go for a nude color palette.
• Make your lips pop with a great lipstick.

Get the look:

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