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Maui Jim Breakwall Sunglasses Review

If you want to enjoy a warm sunny day at the beach or participate in an outdoor activity, you need to protect your eyes with Maui Jim Breakwall Sunglasses. Maui Jim, the brand, specifically designed this pair of sunglasses for people who love the outdoors. That’s why they are also scratch-resistant, which is great benefit for people who want to wear them while hiking, running, biking, mountain climbing, and more.

If the glasses do fall off, you will not see a scratch on them. In addition, the lenses are also polarized. The harsh rays from the sun will not affect your ability to see while you are involved in a rigorous outdoors activity. Since the sunglasses target market is athletes and people with a passion for the outdoors, they have incorporated that into the style of the sunglasses.

They offer an active fit combined with causal style, which prevents the sunglasses from slipping off your face while you running and jumping around. The frame is lightweight and the nose pads are quite comfortable so comfortable that Maui Jim says that you might not even know that you are wearing them.

In order to provide additional comfort to the wearer, the designer reduced the size of the frames, hence, it being light as a feather. We noticed that it was much lighter than other lightweight sunglasses in its group. The arms of the Maui Jim Breakwall Sunglasses are designed using lightweight high quality nylon, which functions to increase its flexibility.

Since the arms of the sunglasses are small, you might think they will break easily, but rest assured that they are sturdier than they look. The arms of the sunglasses are curved and bind around your head to secure them in place. The addition of a rubber grip on both arms also helps to keep them secure.

You can place them on your hat or head and the arms will mold to the shape perfectly. The soft nose pads, designed using soft rubber, help secure the sunglasses on your nose. If the activity you partake in requires you to move your head sideways and forward such as in soccer, the nose pads along with the arms will work in combination with each other to keep the Maui Jim Breakwall Sunglasses locked in place.

Out of all the benefits Maui Jim Breakwall Sunglasses provide, its scratch-resistant quality tops the list, especially if you are one of those who drops their sunglasses at least once on the ground. We wore the sunglasses for over a few months and dropped them too– accidentally, of course. However, when we looked at the lens, there were zero scratches. We admit that we were quite impressed!

If you are in search for that perfect pair of sunglasses to wear outside, you should look into purchasing the Maui Jim Breakwall Sunglasses. We found them to be our perfect companion for outdoor activities, and they might be for you as well. Our star meter rating reads 4.5 out of 5 stars for these sunglasses!

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