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Kylie Jenner Sunglasses Style Review


Kylie Jenner, who is being touted as the next big thing when it comes to fashionable socialites, is already being mentioned in the same breath as other well known socialites like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, and quite rightly so. As someone who is not afraid to experiment when it comes to fashion, Jenner has been spotted flaunted various designer backpacks, accessories, tops, and dresses which are bound to give even fashion models a run for their money. Her various hairdos and nails that are polished to match her attire, only compliment her further. Being dressed for the occasion may not seem like much but its a skill in and of itself and extremely difficult to pull off correctly. This has never been a problem for Jenner as she has been spotted on television, talk shows, and red carpets wearing a spectacular glow that illuminates the place that she is in and makes heads turn.

Dior So Real





But perhaps the most attractive of all her attire are the various aviator style sunglasses she has been known to sport. All the way from white geometric sunglasses, of which she posted images on instagram to the classic aviators, Jenner’s fashion sense goes all out in the sunglasses department. Her favorite ones seem to be the Dior so-real aviators, of which she has posted numerous images on instagram. Jenner has been spotted many a time by the media and paparazzi sporting these. These rose gold shades made by Dior may sound like the classic aviators that have been sported by celebs for ages, but Kylie Jenner is not one to fall for the ordinary. Only the super stylish and luxurious will do for Jenner as her fashion statements are anything but the ordinary. The Rose gold shades are made up of reflective glass and also have a gold tint to it giving it a trendy look and go well with whatever she chooses to wear along with it.

But that is not all. Jenner’s favorites are the over sized glasses and she sure does know how to flaunt various kinds of them. Apart from the Rose gold shades, she has also been spotted on instagram and by the media wearing white geometric glasses. These glasses are a perfect portmanteau of the old granny glasses of long time ago and of the new and hip paper-cut over sized shades of today. The end result is that these shades are so spectacular that they are surely a trend set by Jenner that is here to stay. The other over sized shades that she so brilliantly flaunts are too numerous, with various changes to shape, color, tint, and frame shapes.

These luxurious glasses are pricey, with prices around the 500 to 1000 dollar mark. But there are various cheaper variants that cost anywhere between 15 to 50 dollars and are sure worth giving a try. But expecting to be able to wear them as well as Kylie Jenner does is no easy task as Kylie Jenner can wear two different glasses with very tiny variations and make them look extremely fresh and can make them go with any kind of experimental clothing/


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