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Is UV Protection in Sunglasses Important?

We all wear sunglasses for different reasons. To see clearer – to look cool – to protect eyes from flying things. But I think we can all agree on the main reason…we need sunglasses to block the sun from our eyes.  The sun’s primary danger comes in the form of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Most are aware of the harm UV radiation can do to the skin, but many may not realize that exposure to UV rays can harm the eyes or that other components of solar radiation can also affect vision. That warm feeling of the sun shining down on you, love it or hate it, has the potential to do some serious long-term damage to your eyes.

Many sunglass brands have options like UV-protected lens. UV protection is very important look for while making your sunglass purchase because of the protection it offers. UV protected lenses ensure 100% UVA and UVB blockage. UV exposure can cause long-term ocular damage like cataracts and blindness, cancer, or temporary painful damage to the front section of the eye.

Where ever in the world we live – by the beach, in the mountains, countryside or downtown city – the sun comes out. In all of these places, whether you think about it or not, the light from the sun affects your eyes in various ways. If you’re into the beach, boating, skiing, hiking, or golfing, the sun always has to be considered as a factor to protect against. The sun is part of our daily lives,so getting the right amount of UV protection from those harmful rays will benefit in the short-and long-term.



Tips while purchasing sunglasses with UV protection:

1. Look for sunglasses with certified labels that say “100% UV Protection”

2. Read the fine print to be a smart consumer. Really dark plastic lenses do not mean they have UV coverage.

3. Know your purpose for the sunglasses. Choose sunglasses according to the activity / use. Some styles are made for outdoors/physical sports, while others are fashionable. All styles can be purchased with UV protected lenses.

4. Don’t forget the kids! If you have children, upgrade them to UV protected sunglasses at a young age to keep their eyes in healthy, tip-top shape.


OAKLEY: A brand of sunglasses that have proven themselves for being for the ultimate outdoor protectors is Oakley. They are known for giving the customer a great durable product with amenities like UV protection, plutonite lenses and polarization.

RAY-BAN: Sun protection from UV rays is the most important function of sunglasses. Since the early part of this century, Ray-Ban has succeeded in reducing eye strain in bright conditions and protecting against all the UV hazards coming from the sun.


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