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Eyeglasses Are Used For Fashion Not For Perscription

Those of us that use prescription eyeglasses have two or more pairs, the reason why is simple, we want to have frames that go with the different fashions. I mean if we are going to have to wear them might as well look nice.nerdy-eyeglasses

I was absolutely astonished when I read that 16 million Americans wear eyeglasses and don’t even need them! Talk about a fashion comeback for eyewear, they are a hot item for those who follow and rock all fashions.
So what trends should you keep an eye for?


• The hottest colors right now are blues, browns, and tortoise.
• For women we are seeing frames with dark colors lines in flashes of color like pink or red.
• A look that works for everyone are subtle two toned looks.


• The cat eyed shape, which have a softer feel to it, because of the tear drop shape are a must have. When looking for these opt for ones that have detailing with stones and translucent colors.

70’s Comeback

• Women can look from small round one’s to bug eyed rounded squared ones.
• The classic aviator comes back with decorative bridges and different colored lenses.
• Men should look for heavy browed frames, preppy; tortoise frames as well as John Lennon inspired ones.

Inner Nerd
• The thick rimmed over sized specs from last season are still a must have.
• Make a statement with frames that have polka dots, florals or plaids, if this is too much for you go for one’s that have prints on the temple bar alone.

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