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If You Could Choose One Pair of Sunglasses Forever – Which Would It Be?

{This post is from a question posted on our YouTube channel to Pablo from a YouTube channel subscriber}

Allie from Tampa asks, “If you had to choose one pair of sunglasses that you would wear forever, which would it be?” Allie..that is such a GREAT question and insanely hard to answer becuase sunglasses and one’s personal style is constantly changing. One day you love this pair – the next day you love another one.

However, if I had to answer that question, which now I do, I would have to say a pair of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Sure, I love aviator sunglasses as much as the next person but nothing says cool and style and to me shows personality more than a Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

I want to know – what would be the pair of sunglasses you would wear for the rest of your life you had to choose?

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