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Ray-Ban Coupon Codes

Looking to buy a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses? Looking for Ray-Ban Coupon codes? We created this page on the official ShadesDaddy blog to provide you with some coupon codes to get a better price on the Ray-Bans you want.…


New York City Subway Map Guide

Making your way to New York City? We found the best subway map guide and wanted to share it with you. Save it on your desktop, email it, or on your phone to have it handy when you’re in…

air optix contact lenses review

Air Optix Contact Lenses Review

AIR OPTIX® contact lenses are the creation of Alcon which is a brand of Novartis. They are created through extensive research using one of the top technologies, known as the Ultra-Smooth Surface Technology. They create a thin protective layer…

multifocal contact lenses

Avaira Contact Lenses Review

For someone who is shortsighted or farsighted, glasses can at occasion, prove to be a handicap rather than an aid. For these people contact lenses can prove to be a blessing in disguise. For people, who feel that glasses…

biotrue contact lens review

Biotrue Contact Lenses Review

Biotrue Contact Lenses are unique type of contact lenses that are created to be worn for one day. The Biotrue ONEday contact lenses are designed specially to work exactly like your eyes, mimicking every function of the eye to…

acuvue contact lenses review

Acuvue Contact Lenses Review

Eyewear is something which requires extensive research and careful evaluation before being chosen by an individual for regular use, as it has a significant impact on the ability of sight of a person. Contact lenses are a very popular…