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5 Sunglasses You Must Have In Your 2011 Wardrobe

We wake up, get ready for school or work, take a shower, maybe not (dirty, are we?) and immediately start getting ready for our day. Some of us, most of us have things we can’t leave the house without. We know that one accessory for everyday use that will change the way we look is the sunglasses we put on. After all, most people look at when they see you first is your face, right?

Sunglasses have to be part of your wardrobe and you don’t only want to have one pair. Do you only have one pair of shoes? Only one pair of jeans?

Here is a list of 5 pairs of sunglasses you should have readily available for everyday use. (OK, we know the average person doesn’t have 5 pairs of sunglasses, but hey…makes for a good post!)

RetroSuperFuture Basic Wayfarers: This style of frame is literally for everyone and is as popular as it has ever been. Sure, it has become a big trend for ‘hipsters,’ but that doesn’t mean you’re too cool for them either. Like a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfaers, these RetroSuperFuture sunglasses are larger than the average Wayfaer but has a great fit and look.

D&G 6070: While not a very popular frame, these DGs have a very cool frame type and classy retro looking. They come in a variety of colors and great for a chic day out.

Gucci 1622s: These Guccis are one of the most popular in the 2010/2011 collection. Plastic frame that have a great retro look which are available in black, tortoise and even red, white and blue as you may want to mix things up. These sunglasses in the classic colors have a great look and fit.

Oakley Gascan: A classic outdoors type frame for just about anyone. Oakley is still known as the most popular brand in the world for outdoors sunglasses and continues with that culture to design frames in that fashion. The Oakley Gascans are really popular and have a great medium size fit.

Ray-Ban Cats 5000: To me, these are the coolest sunglasses out. The simple and classic old school retro frame is back and by popular opinion, one of the best Ray-Ban frames. Very classic and at the same time casual frame that makes for a great pair for all types of events. Comes in a variety of colors but you’re sure to make the right choice with a black or tortoise frame.

What’s on your wish list?

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