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10 Things You Must Have in Your Wardrobe in 2013

Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe, or completely overhaul it there are definitely staples you’ll need to look hot in 2013. Adding twists from funkier trends to basic wardrobe items is a great way to stay classic, yet updated. Lets count down the 10 must-haves you’ll want in your 2013 wardrobe.

10. Sweaters Warm You Up
Everyone needs at least one comfy knit sweater to keep warm this winter. Add a little bling to your outfit with an embellished sweater. It’ll keep you warm and make you stand out and sparkle!

Adorable pale grey LaROK Paillette cotton & cashmere cardigan (image nordstrom.com via stylehive.com)

9. Riding Boots Kick Up Your Style
Everyone needs at least one good pair of boots, and riding boots are timelessly perfect. The small heels and side-buckle accent any outfit. They make legs look sleek, and add a class to a dark-wash denim. The low heel makes them practical for everyday activities.

Brown leather riding boots are a great item to add to your closet (image overstock.com)

8. Jeans, In Every Color
Jeans are a necessity in anyone’s wardrobe. This year you should try adding a few in pastel colors amongst your basic denim. Pastels are in this year, and if you want an extra-girly vintage look, try pale pink jeans with a lace top. This outfit will make anyone look extra sweet!

Looking very sweet in pastel pink jeans! (image pinterest.com)

7. Tailored Black Blazers
An all-time classic, blazers are essential to your wardrobe. Try a shorter blazer that cinches your waist in for an updated look. Also, lose the big shoulders. Please. http://i01.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/486599035_1/Free-

This blazer is a super cute addition to almost any outfit! (image aliexpress.com)

6. Necklaces That Make a Statement
Statement necklaces are a classic piece of jewelry for any woman. They add a bold, feminine look to simple outfits and are perfectly dress up everyday looks.

A chunky embellished necklace adds quite a bit to a plain white top. (image aquaskye.blogspot.com via fashiongalfireman.blogspot.com)

5. Maxi Skirts For All Seasons
Maxi skirts are a great basic for all year. In the summer, by pairing a solid or bold print maxi skirt with a solid color tank top, you’ll look great and stay cool. In the winter, adding leggings and a cardigan keeps your style hot and your body warm.

Basic black skirt with a white tank top looks great every year (image starcentralmagazine.com)

4. Dance Around in Fun Ballet Flats
Ballet flats are always comfortable, but adding a soft heel and ankle straps are a great way to personalize this dancer’s essential!

These buttoned ballet flats are bring a little sunshine into your day! (image lushlee.com)

3. Feel Infinitely Gorgeous with a Bright Scarf
Scarves are a great way to accessorize any outfit and keep warm during blustery spring and autumn months!

Bright scarves lighten up any outfit. (image lystit.com)

2. The Little Black Dress
When will a woman not need a little black dress? Add some embellishments and an unusual hemline to keep in step with this year’s style.

A blingy black dress with an asymmetrical hemline brings your outfit up to date! (image@ dresskoe.com)

1. The Perfect Pair of Shades

A great pair of shades is more than just eye candy. Protect those peepers in style year-round with these beauties by Tory Burch. Business suit? Swimsuit? Jeans and sweater? There’s no outfit these won’t go with!

tory burch TY7027 905-13

Tortoiseshell shades by Tory Burch punctuate any outfit perfectly. (image shadesdaddy.com)


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