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The Different Types of Ray-Ban Aviators

As many of you look to purchase Ray-Ban Aviators, there are different types and styles of Ray-Ban Aviators that you may be confused about or wanting to know the difference in some of the styles. In this post, let’s check out some of the different Ray-Ban Aviators that you can choose from and that are very popular…all year round.

RB3025: The Ray-Ban RB3025 is the most popular of the Ray-Ban Aviator collection. These aviators are the classic Ray-Ban with a druppy frame shape. The Ray-Ban RB3025 defines the apitamy of what is a Ray-Ban Aviator sunglass.

The RB3025 currently comes in three lens sizes: 55mm (small/medium), 58mm (medium/large), and 62mm (large, XL).

The availability of colors in the RB3025 is varied a great amount. The most popular in the RB3025 is the arista gold frame with green lenses which you see all the celebrities wearing (although you will see a great amount of variation in colors.)

ray ban gold aviators

The most popular of the Arista color are the following products:

RB3025 W3234
RB3025 L0205
RB3025 001


RB3025 001/58
RB3025 004/58

In the spring/summer of 2011, Ray-Ban has released a whole new color collection of the RB3025 in polarized which we will write a separate post as we make these available in real soon!

RB3211: The Ray-Ban RB3211 is the aviator shield frame that was very (still is not as much) in the late 90s, early 00’s but we don’t see that much shield when it comes to the Ray-Ban aviator except in Europe still holds the same amount of popularity as ever (South America as well.)

ray ban rb3211

The RB3211 comes in a variety of colors as well as two frame sizes: Small and Large.

RB3030: The Ray-Ban RB3030, called the Outdoorsman, is a true classic frame that people love. Has great style and the sweat bar at the top of the frame gives the sunglasses that extra chic cool look for all occasions. They currently come in only two colors: Arista Gold and Black frame.

RB3138: The Ray-Ban RB3138 is also a great aviator style called the Shooters. These are from the men collection and come in two different colors: Arista Gold and Black. They are available in two different lens sizes, 58mm and 62mm.

RB3422Q: The Ray-Ban RB3422Q is one that is not as popular as others in the Ray-Ban collection but these are just as cool and awesome as the rest of them. This style brings the best of both worlds of the RB3025 mixed with a bit of the RB3030 with the sweat bar giving it extra style. This style comes in a variety of colors and offered in two different lens sizes: 58mm and 55mm.

ray ban rb3422q

RB8307: If you like a very lightweight frame, the Ray-Ban RB8307 is the aviator for you. This is the new style from the Tech-series. A great titanium built frame with lots of style.

RB3449: The Ray-Ban Aviator RB3449 is the rimless aviator style. If you are looking for rimless but love the RB3025, you have just found your pair. This style has recently been released by Ray-Ban and offered in 4 different colors currently.

ray ban 3449 aviators

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