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How to Tell If Ray-Ban Wayfarers Are Authentic?

Ray-Ban Wayfarers have been a fan-favorite for sunglasses for years. They are also a favorite for ripping off. Unfortunately there are retailers, websites, and vendors out there that are selling unoriginal, fake Ray-Ban sunglasses to you all the time! This is why everyone should know how to spot a fake pair from real ones. There are a few easy steps to tell whether Ray-Ban Wayfarers are authentic or not

  1. Retail Box: New Ray-Ban sunglasses are packaged in a branded retail box. Check for the print, color and image quality of the logo on the box. Be aware that some people use real packaging with counterfeit sunglasses.
  2. Retail Box Label: The retail box label details manufacturer information, barcode, model name, frame and lens description. Check that these details match the details of the sunglasses and the details printed on the inside arm of the sunglasses themselves, and on any accompanying paperwork.
  3. Branded Carry Case: Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses come in a black or tan case with “Ray-Ban” and “Luxxotica” written in gold font. The inside of the case is lined with felt.
  4. Branded Dust Cloth: A branded dust cloth comes with every pair of Ray-Bans. The bottom right hand corner should feature a red Ray-Ban logo followed by the registered trademark circled R.
  5. Right Temple Arm: The inside right temple arm of Ray-Ban sunglasses has written: “WAYFARER, Hand Made in Italy, K, CE” (representing European Conformity). Check the letter font, alignment, spacing and positioning carefully.
  6. Left Temple Arm: The inside left temple arm of Wayfarers has the model number, RB 2132 or RB 2140, and sizing details (RB 2140: 50 or 54mm & RB2132:  52 or 55mm). Again check for any errors in font size, spacing or alignment.
  7. Left Lens RB Logo: Ray-Ban wayfarers have a small ‘RB’ etched on the left lens just below the hinge. Compare the size and font carefully. The etching should be very clean. Pre-2000 models have the letters ‘BL’ etched for Bausch & Lomb who previously owned the company.
  8. Ray-Ban Logo: “Ray-Ban” is written out on the right lens in white, as well on both arms in a silver metal.
  9. Temple Hinge: The temple hinge is molded from a single piece of metal so there are no weld marks or joins.


While these steps serve as a great guideline, always be cautious! All designer glasses like Ray-Ban are worth having the best, authentic & true quality.

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