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The 40 Worst Dressed Cities in America

A couple of years ago, GQ took it upon itself to determine the 40 worst-dressed cities in America. Bad news, everyone: in GQ’s opinion, pretty much all Americans are poorly dressed. That city’s on the list. And that one. Yep, that one too. The baffling “worst dressed” criteria apparently used by GQ include

  • People not caring about fashion

  • People caring too much about fashion

  • People caring exactly enough about fashion

    Do you think this list as you read it is on point? (This list was gathered by GQ,) and we just want to share it with our readers. Tell us what you think!

In case you’re curious, here’s GQ’s version of the awful truth, in countdown form:

40. Boulder, CO

39. Nashville, TN

38. Bristol, CT

37. Kansas City, MO

36. Portland, OR

35. Raleigh, NC

34. Seattle, WA

33. Asbury Park, NJ

32. Omaha, NE

31. Detroit, MI

30. Cleveland, OH

29. Newport Beach, CA

28. Burlington, VT

27. San Diego, CA

26. Orlando, FL

25. Buffalo, NY

24. St. Paul, MN

23. Dallas, TX

22. Wasilla, AK

21. Houston, TX

20. San Francisco, CA

19. Jersey Shore, NJ (Is this actually even a city?)

18. Austin, TX

17. Atlanta, GA

16. Santa Fe, NM

15. Provo, UT

14. Martha’s Vineyard, MA

13. Las Vegas, NV

12. New Orleans, LA

11. Brooklyn, NY

10. St. Louis, MO

9. Miami, FL

8. Salt Lake City, UT

7. Maui, HI

6. Philadelphia, PA

5. Manhattan, NY

4. Chicago, IL

3. Pittsburgh, PA

2. Los Angeles, CA

1. Boston, MA (Keep in mind that GQ’s list was made a couple of years ago. They probably would not have dissed Boston so harshly had they written the list after the tragedy and heroic actions of April 2013.)

What can you take from this list? Not much. Fashion is about following trends. Style is about having your own look  –  a look that works for you, no matter where you live. Whatever your look, you should make the most of it and embrace it.

Do you rock jeans and a t-shirt (or sweater) every day? Step up your style with a luxurious cashmere scarf in the winter, and an awesome pair of tie-dye slip-on Vanns in the summer. Add a classic pair of Ray-Ban aviators, and no one will dare question your fashion cred.


Does your job (or your personal sense of sartorial excellence) require tailored suits, understated jewelry, and an expensive satchel or briefcase? Punctuate your look perfectly with a classic wristwatch and a pair of D&G DD 2192 sunglasses in a rich red frame with brown gradient lenses, and own that look.


And hey, if you flirt with the hipster look, or spend your days in “reluctant business” garb, just make sure your shoes are in good shape, and wear a pair of Wayfarers – the sunglasses that always impart confidence and magically make any outfit you can dream up look exactly right.


So what if your city is one of the “worst-dressed” according to GQ? Own your unique look and make the most of it. That’s ultimately where America’s fashion trends come from. So get out there and make your personal style statement!

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