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Which Dress Best Fits My Body Type?

We all want to look good when we go out, but at times it can be it a bit challenging to find the right dress. Please keep in mind that in order to look good or sexy you don’t have to wear super tight clothing or short dresses.

The key to looking sexy and feeling good in what you are wearing is accentuating your best features and hiding that body part that you’re still working on. So here are some tips on what to look for when shopping for that perfect dress.

Pear Shape– A lot of us have bigger hips, so opt for dresses which define your waist and are looser around the hips. You can also try dresses which are strapless and have fitted open neck; this will draw attention to your upper body.

Boyish Figure– If you have little definition between your bust, waist and hip you need to bring out those curves by going for fitted sheaths. By wearing empire waists and A-line skirts you will create curves you never thought would show.

Hourglass Figure– This body type has full bust, thighs and a defined waist. With this type of body we want to enhance the natural feminine curves, look for wrap dresses and classic sheaths which have fitted waists. In order to get a great fit try and get dresses which have an adjustable waist.

Apple Figure– This type of body has the narrowest part of the body above the natural waistline. If you wear empire waist you will draw attention to the upper part of your body. Embellishments will also draw attention to the upper body, A-line skirts are also your friend they will create an hourglass figure.

Full Bust
– If you you’re bust measurements are fuller than your hips and thighs you want to draw attention to the lower part of your body. Go for dresses which have embellishments around the hem, full skirts and halter top dresses.

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