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What Ray-Ban Wayfarers are Celebrities Wearing?

Many people ask us, “What Ray-Ban Wayfarers are celebrities wearing?” For the most part, you see two true Ray-Ban Wayfarers that are constants in celebrities – that is the Ray-Ban RB 2140 classic wayfarer as well as the new Wayfarer, RB 2132 sunglasses. They are the iconic Wayfarer that has been around for a long time and still dominates the face of many hollywood a-listers & rock stars.

Put on a pair of the classic Ray-Ban 2140 (OR the RB 2132) and you’re on your way to looking like a celebrity. These sunglasses signify pure style and ‘coolness’ to almost any outfit you got on. Made popular by movies such as RISKY BUSINESS worn by Tom Cruise, Blue Brothers & others, they are the go-to pair for most celebrities when wearing Ray-Bans. (Check out what Ray-Ban Aviators celebrities are wearing.)

Ray-Ban 2140:

Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer Celebrities

Ray-Ban 2132:

ray ban 2132 celebrities wayfarer

Check out some celebrities with the RAY-BAN RB 2140:

celebrities wearing ray-ban wayfarers 2140

Source: Google images screenshot

Check out some celebrities with the RAY-BAN RB 2132:

celebrities wearing ray-ban wayfarers 2132

Source: Google images screenshot

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