What Is AR Coating On Eyeglasses?

There are a number of things you can do with your lenses to enhance their utility and effectiveness as protective gears for your eyes. AR coating is one of them. Keep reading to find out everything about AR coating on eyeglasses.

What is AR Coating?

AR stands for Anti-Reflective. It is often used synonymously to anti-glare coatings. As the name suggests, AR coating reduces the reflection occurring on the front and back side of the lens. It is not the property of the lens material. It is applied as an additional coating of anti-reflective material on top of the lens. – ADD PRESCRIPTION TO YOUR EYEGLASSES OR SUNGLASSES HERE.

ar coating eyeglasses

Benefits of AR Coatings

There are a number of benefits associated with AR coatings on eyeglasses. However, these do not make it an essential component to be included in every eyewear. It merely suggests a better viewing experience if you opt for AR coatings on your lenses.

    • It makes your eyes look clearer. If you are one of the regular glass wearers, you would realize what a spoiler it is to pose for a picture and have your eyes obstructed behind a flash of light or some other reflection from the surroundings. AR coatings ensure this does not happen. It prevents the reflection of light off your glasses, so your eyes are clearly visible behind it. Eventually, it helps you look more photogenic and expressive. If you are constantly in the lime light, you might want to consider AR coating for your eyeglasses.


    • It makes driving at night easier. While driving on the road at night, the light beams ensuing from other cars’ headlights can prove to be extremely distracting. Most of the times, prolonged driving in such conditions can cause eye strain as you battle with glare and reflections. AR coatings prevent these reflections on your spectacles and minimizes glare. So you can drive more comfortably through the night.


    • It makes looking at TV and computer screens less stressful. Less appreciated is the fact that the light emitted from your TV and computer screens reflects off the surface of your glasses. This creates discomfort for your eyes and may cause blurry vision, dry eyes, headache, and irritation. AR coatings make sure this reflection is reduced to the bare minimum so you can enjoy longer time periods on your computers and televisions without developing eye strain.


But Wait!

There are intricacies involved with handling AR coated eyeglasses. The coating process itself is quite complex. The lenses are put through extensive cleaning procedures to ensure they are absolutely clean and dirt-free. The smallest of scratches can make the AR coating go wrong. Once they are absolutely clean, they are coated with AR material in a vacuum chamber using complex techniques to ensure uniform coating.

AR coating generally works best on the inner side of your sunglasses that prevent reflection of sun if you are facing away from it. So if you are thinking about getting AR coating on your sunglasses, it will be most effective if done on the inner side of the lens. Do consult your optician for professional advice. – ADD PRESCRIPTION TO YOUR EYEGLASSES OR SUNGLASSES HERE.

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