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What are the Different Types of Replacement Nose Pads for Sunglasses?

If you are on the search to find a replacement nose pads for your sunglasses or eyeglasses it’s important to be careful not to get the wrong type of nose pads.

What Are Nose Pads? 

Nosepads are those two tiny support pieces attached between the nose bridge. Nosepads help your glasses and sunglasses stay in its proper position. In additional, nose pads prevent the frames from sliding as well as, provide comfort and a snugfit to the frames resting on your nose. However, uou may not realize but nose pads are available in a variety of shapes,sizes and materials

To familiarize yourself with the different types of nose pads here are the most common types.

What Are the Three different Type of Nose Pads?

1. Screw-In Nose Pads

Replacement nose pads for sunglasses and eyeglasses

Screw in nose pads attaches to the frames by a small screw located on the side of the nose pad. To confirm if your sunglasses or eyeglasses are screwed in look closely to see if there is a small screw.

Additional Information How to Replace Your Screw In Nose Pads

2. Push-In Nose Pads

The name kind of explains it all. Push in nose pads attach to the frame with a small rectangular opening. The back of the nose pad is made of a harder plastic. To confirm if your frames are pushin’s see if the nose pad pivots. For instance, if there is a small hard plastic back that is being held into place by a  rectangle metal piece. If the answer is yes, then its most definitely a push in nose pad.

3. Clip On / Crimp Nose Pads

Replacement nose pads

A clip-on nose pad wraps around the nose pad arm and the mount tends to be made out metal. See check if your nose pads are clip on’s see if the nose pad mount is on t

How to Order Your Nose Pads

In conclusion, before you start to vigorous search for an replacement nose pads, the first thing you need to confirm is how they mount to your frame. By taking a look at your nose pads or even removing the old ones you can easily identify if they are screw-in, pushed in ,or clips on.

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