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What are the Best Sunglasses for Round Faces?

People with round faces have softer angles for jaw and brow lines.  The face is almost proportionate as the width is almost the same as the length.  Therefore, a person with these characteristics tries to make their face seem thinner and longer. Using sunglasses is one of the best and easiest ways to accomplish this.

The best sunglass shape would be angular and/or oversized. This is because the bigger the glasses, the longer your face will seem. The angular/rectangular glasses will be a great contrast with rounder softer facial features.  Glasses with brow bars will pull the eye upward and give the illusion of a longer face. Cat Eye frames will provide the effect of a thinner profile.

Frames to Try

–          Angular and geometric frames that sharpen facial features

–          Rectangular and horizontal styles make faces appear longer and thinner

–          Upswept frames that draw attention to top of face

–          Glasses with temples that connect at the top of the frame add length

Well known celebrities with round faces like Christina Ricci and Cameron Diaz wear the following models: D Squared DQ 0038 71F and Chloe CL 2189 C02. Ray Ban Aviator Outdoorsman RB 3030 L9500 are also great if you’re looking for that slimmer effect.

However, if you are still uncertain about what frame fits your face the best, try the Virtual Mirror experience now at! With this new software, you are now able to “try” sunglasses online before purchasing!

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