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What are Polycarbonate Lenses?

It is essential to take special care and practice extra attention when looking for the perfect eyewear and lenses in the market. It is not at all advisable to experiment with eyewear, as your eyes are the most important sensory organs of your body, and nobody wishes to be the victim of an accident in which one’s eyesight has to suffer.

Therefore, the best way to protect the most important blessing of nature, sight, is to exercise special attention and prudence when choosing the best eyewear for yourself. The lenses of your eyeglasses and sunglasses need to be comfortable and should ensure good visibility and resistance to accidents.

Polycarbonate lenses are the most preferable and highly serviceable lens options available in the market. These lenses are made from a polycarbonate material, which was formerly used only in the cockpit canopies of fighter planes. The material ensured greater visibility and was highly resistant, which resulted in its use in space shuttle windshields as well. The use of polycarbonate lenses started much later, but became an instant success because of its multiple advantages.

Light Weight Lenses

The lenses made from polycarbonate material, are very light weight and thus very comfortable for use in regular eye and sunglasses.

Impact Resistance Feature

Polycarbonate lenses offer great resistance to all kinds of impact, and are considered a very durable lens choice for eyewear. The polycarbonate lenses are estimated to be 10 times more resistant to any kind of impact than the regular glass and plastic lenses. They ensure greater safety and reduce the risk of any damages caused by any accidents.

The great impact resistant feature of the polycarbonate lenses makes them an ideal lens choice for the frames of small children. As children are more likely to break their glasses, through carelessness or accidents, it is best to have a durable and resistant lens in their eyewear, which will ensure their safety.

100% UV Protection

The polycarbonate lenses ensure 100% protection of your eyes from the harmful effects of the Ultra Violet light of the sun. Glass and plastic lenses do not offer such a high degree of protection, making polycarbonate lenses the choice of prudent individuals.

Durable Lens Choice

These lenses are a great choice for the eyewear of individuals who sport rimless frames. Lenses in rimless frames are more likely to suffer from a fracture, in case of an accident, which poses a threat to the safety of the eyes of the individual.

Being strong and highly durable, polycarbonate lenses serve as the best lens option for rimless eye frames. The durable feature of the polycarbonate lenses is due to the highly complicated and sophisticated manufacturing process of the lens, which ensures their toughness in case of any accidents.

Flexible and Comfortable

The lens is flexible, while being tough, which enables it to absorb energy and impact easily and not crack or fracture. These lenses ensure great ease and comfort for the individuals. It requires a good scratch coating on the lens, to protect it from any scratches and ensure greater visibility of the lens.

Polycarbonate lens are also used in the eye wear of individuals, who have a blind or lazy eye. These lenses are an ideal option for acquiring safe and durable lens for your eye wear.

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