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Best Way To Wear Tye Dye Jeans

I love jeans; they are the go to item when you can’t figure out what to wear. We have seen in all color and shape each season, the hottest trend when it comes to jeans this fall is tie dye. Sure they look super hot on the runway, but the trend can become a little intimidating when you’re going to rock it down the sidewalk.

The jeans are hard to miss on a sidewalk, so what things can you pair these up with, so you look great and not like you stepped out of a time warp from the 80’s?

• Go for denim which is lighter, that way the dye looks softer and kind of washed out. If you’re not afraid of the trend then by all means go for the dark denim and rock the trend full throttle.

• Since the jeans are so eye catching keep the top simple with a buttoned down shirt in neutral colors.

• If you want to be more daring and mix things up a bit with the top, go for blouses which are feminine and sheer, that will soften up the look.

• Pair them with knitted pullover, which are great since the temperature is starting to cool. Again when it comes to color keep them neutral.

• The perfect shoes for this trend are chunky boots, but please try and avoid the grungy look; we are aiming to look fashion forward.

fergie tie dye jeans

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