The Strokes: Angles Review, Download and Greatness

the strokes julian casablancasAfter a 5 year hiatus and 2 year writing and recording session…and so it comes to live. Yes…The Strokes released their fourth and latest album, ANGLES. Since This Is It, The Strokes have continuously put out good solid rock music, but I have to say, this IS the best strokes album since This Is It in terms of well…everything.

One has to love when you can see a group of young musicians and follow their musical maturity through the years…it’s great.

You have to love the powerful and melody of MACHU PICCHU. In Typical Strokes guitar rythms and melody, the first single of the album is ‘Under Cover of Darkness.’

Slip back out of whack, at your best. It’s a nightmare. So I’m Joining the Army.
Know how folks back out, I’ll still call. Will you wait for me? We’ve got the right live to live, for to use it, Got everything and you can just choose it, I won’t be a puppet on a string.

Now imagine that on a great strokes raw guitar melodics and Julian Casablancas scrubby voice and you have a great song. The bridge in this song is just purely genius punk/rock melody and beauty to the ears.

My personal favorite song in the Strokes ANGLES album is track number eight, Gratisfaction. And…in the process of writing this review and listening to the album, my new favorite song is ‘TAKEN FOR A FOOL.” I can switch, right? It has so many good aspects of a single song. Great bass lines, great riffs…great energetic singing with a retro sound.

Check out the album review on Rolling Stone Magazine: The Strokes Return to Greatness: The Strokes Angles


  1. Under Cover of Darkness
  2. Machu Picchu
  3. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight
  4. Two Kinds of Happiness
  5. You’re So Right
  6. Taken For A Fool
  7. Gratisfaction
  8. Metabolism
  9. Games
  10. Call Me Back

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