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What Sunglasses Does Neal Caffrey Wear?

Neal Caffrey is a thief cum con artist turned FBI agent, in the series ‘white collar’, which is aired on the USA network. Basically Neal is a very empathetic and emotional person, due to his own background and lonely childhood. Neal’s mother lies to him that his father had died the heroic death of a police officer; hence they were under the witness protection program. However, the truth is that Caffrey’s dad is actually still imprisoned for the shooting of a fellow police officer.

neal caffrey sunglasses

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Matt Bomer, the actor portraying the role of Neal Bennet aka Caffrey has brought out the emotions of a mentally wounded man, very well. It is in this respect that the sunglasses have helped him very well, as they compliment the emotions portrayed and brought out on screen. Now coming to the interesting part of revealing what brand and model of coolers are those! Well, they are the Ray ban aviator sunglasses. These coolers are a reflection of the latest trends in eye wear fashion. These aviators, which are meticulously styled, suit the face shape of Bomer, exactly.

ray ban classic aviator sunglasses


Bomer has a wide forehead, which the glasses seem to compliment. Matt portrays a serious and intelligent role as Neal Caffrey and the ray Ban eye accessory, fits the bill to a perfection. It helps to augment the facial features of Matt and adds a feather to his cap of sharp looks.

The light thin frame and the pleasant color of the lens suit the blue eyes of the star perfectly. The sunnies match Matt Bomer so well that they are liked and preferred to be worn by people across several countries. Especially the aviators have become a sensation among teens as well as middle aged men. Agent Peter Burke in the series considers Neal as one of his cleverest acquaintances and friend. The glasses add a sparkle to the aforesaid friendly nature and trustworthiness of Neal’s character.

Although Bennet begins as a thief, he is absolutely sincere to the FBI and to his chief agent, Burke, once he decides to help them with his intrinsic and extensive knowledge about the workings of the underworld.

The eye accessory selected adds a further charm to the blue shirts and the suits worn by Matt Bomer in the series. Sometimes the eye accessory chosen looks too gaudy and accords the look of a villain, to the person wearing it. However, in this case, it is not so and provides a soothing experience to the viewers’ eye.

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