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Spring 2013 Sunglasses Colors to Wear

Spring 2013 looks like a great time to be bolder with color in your wardrobe, including your sunglasses. Spring runways have been staying away from sedate winter shades and have embraced bold colors across the spectrum. Not all these colors work with all skin-hair-eye color combinations, so you may have to experiment a bit. And if you love a color but are shy about wearing it as a primary part of your outfit, you can always use an accessory in that color for a burst of color that isn’t overwhelming. Here are five of the top colors for sunglasses, clothing, and accessories for Spring 2013.

1. Blues of Every Shade

This is terrific news because blue looks good on just about everyone. From soft faded denim blue to cobalt, blue is a great way to transition from your winter look to a brighter warm-weather style. If you’d like to accessorize with blue sunglasses, check out the Ray Ban RB 4175 880/96. This Clubmaster style has blue frames and looks great on men or women.

(image chaos-mag.com)

2. Saturated Greens

Not everyone can really “wear” true green, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, 2013 is your time to shine. Runways have shown gorgeous emerald shades that are colorful as well as sophisticated. If you’re a redhead, you should definitely take advantage of this trend. For a beautiful shot of green in an accessory, Electric Potion Sunglasses makes a green frame that will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

(image imgfave.com)

3. Softer Greens

Softer jade and sage greens work with a lot of skin tones, and a lot of other wardrobe colors. A silk scarf in a muted jade is perfect for spring, whether you’re at work or out having fun. Polo Sunglasses by Ralph Lauren makes a classic frame that’s influenced by the Wayfarer style, with soft green lenses that not only look terrific but take good care of your eyes in the bright sun.

(image shadesdaddy.com)

4. Linen

Linen, a neutral that’s not quite white, not quite beige, and not quite pink, looks great on lots of people. If you’re fair or blonde, you’ll want to add a shot of bright color to keep from looking washed out. If you have dark skin and hair, however, you’re going to look terrific in this color. Ralph by Ralph Lauren makes a pair of aviator shades that incorporate lighter lenses that are perfect with 2013’s linen looks.

(image theskinnybeep.com)

5. Poppy Red

A poppy red t-shirt looks great with jeans or khakis, whether you’re a man or a woman. Bright red accessories are also hot this season, from handbags to socks, to sunglasses. D&G has a stunning red style for ladies that are sure to get plenty of wear from Easter through Labor Day.

(image shadesdaddy.com)

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