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Spring 2013 Fashion Trends for Girls to Watch

Sometimes bringing your look up to date only requires the addition of a few items to your wardrobe, along with some updated accessories. Here are 10 fashion trends for girls this spring that are sure to carry over into summer beautifully.

1. Sparkly, Eye-Catching Jewelry

There’s nothing shy about this spring’s sparkly, bright jewelry. Try a large rhinestone brooch, or a stack of bold cuff bracelets.


2. Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are ultra casual, and usually work best when paired with understated tops, like a classic tee or fitted blouse.


3. Head Scarves

Nothing dresses up a plain outfit like a great looking head scarf. Add a pair of terrific new sunglasses like the Ralph Lauren RA5049, and you’ll have the classic summer style of the legendary Grace Kelley.


4. White Pumps

White pumps look fresh and bright, particularly after two seasons of dark and serious shoes and boots. Wear them with jeans, businesswear, or out on the town.


5. Tie Dye

Few accessories are more casually cool than a pair of slip-on canvas shoes in tie-dye, like the Vanns pictured here. Perfect for tooling around town or kicking off at the beach, they’ll go with lots of great summer looks.


6. Short Shorts With Blazers

Showing off your legs in a pair of short shorts with a blazer is a celebrity look that has gained a lot of traction lately. It takes some bravery, but when you put this look together right, you can be sure everyone will remember you.


7. Pastel-on-Pastel Outfits

Multiple pastels aren’t just for little girls. Spring 2013 is a great time to wear multiple pastels and look up-to-the-minute. Pastels look great with a variety of skintones too.


8. Big Prints

Prints on this year’s runways are anything but shy. You can capture attention with a bold dress like the one pictured here, or you can keep it more subtle with a boldly printed scarf or blouse paired with more sedate pieces.


9. Cropped Tops with High-Waisted Skirts

The great thing about high-waisted skirts is that the dreaded “muffin-top” is much less of an issue, since the waistband is at your actual waist. Runways showed a lot of high-waisted skirts paired with cropped tops for a look that’s new and different.


10. Jeans With Zippered Pockets

Zippers are pretty subtle as accessories go, but sometimes that’s all you need, particularly if you pair your jeans with a bold or printed top. You get the comfort of jeans, plus a right-this-minute style statement.


11. Sunglasses with Chrome Mirrored Lenses

If you haven’t seen the madness and coolness of chrome mirrored lenses – then you haven’t been in the know. You’ll see a lot more of this trend this spring going on to the summer. The biggest frame making a splash with chrome mirrored “FLASH” lenses are the Ray-Ban classic Aviators, RB3025. Get yourself a pair now! SHOP NOW:  Ray-Ban Flash Mirrored Aviators

ray ban green mirrored flash lenses aviators


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