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10 Hot Shoe Trends For Fall 2011

I really think shoes are every girl’s weakness, when thinking of an outfit you always picture the shoes you want to wear them with. In order to be a fashion DO this fall your outfit has to be perfect from head to toe. The shoes for this fall are so diverse that there is surely a pair out there which every woman would like.

Let’s start first with the colors you should keep an eye on:
• Black
• Metallic
• Beige burgundy
• Dark blues/violets
• Khaki
• Bright colors

When it comes to material you should look for:
• Regular leather
• Patent leather
• Suede
• Satin
• Reptile skin
• Touches of lace or fur

Ok, now that we have our basics let’s go more into detail with each trend.

Reptile Skin– The most popular amongst the skins is the snake skin. Crocodile skin is seen but not as prominent as snake skin.

Patent leather– Whoever said you couldn’t wear this during fall/winter is absolutely wrong! It is a tad unpractical, but you can’t deny that patent leather looks beautiful. Try to spice it up with bold combination of colors, like red or black, black and white you get the idea.

Suede– Shoes in this material is seen in every season, for fall the material comes in a variety of colors for boots and shoes.

Satin– These are obviously used for special occasions or evening outings. The material looks chic and gorgeous.
Platforms and Wedges– These are my favorite because they are so comfortable! Well wedges for fall are more conservative and elegant; this is seen in boots as well as loafers.

Lacing– The trend was popular during spring, but the style has been transformed to accommodate the season. While the lacing in summer was more feminine, fall will bring out your inner vixen, the trend has become sexier.

Shoes with Buckles– These are seen in from chunky boots and delicate stilettos.

Chunky heels– Can we love this anymore? These are much easier to walk with than stilettos; chunky heels are seen in rocker boots or classy pumps.

Spike Heels-Even though these are a little harder to walk in, they are totally in. These look sexier and a lot more stylish than the chunky ones.

Socks with Shoes– This is not my favorite at all, but if you are confident enough to rock them go right ahead. If you want to go for a toned down version of this try them with tights.

fall shoes 2011

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