What are Oakley Polarized Lenses?

oakley polarized lensesWith the advancement in technology, new and better methods to ensure maximum effective protection of the eyes has been introduced in the market to ensure the ease and convenience of all individuals.

With the variety of different eyewear options available in the market, it has become possible to easily engage in various outdoor activities and sports, without any fear or worry of damage from ultra violet light or blinding glares. The current technology has introduced various coatings and lens tints to provide the best in sunglasses to individuals, aiding them to enjoy the great outdoors with no fear of any risk to their optical health.

Polarized lenses are the latest and most effective sunglass lens options, which have been specifically designed to ensure maximum effective protection from ultra violet light. The Oakley Polarized lenses are an offering of the brand, which boast of providing highly efficient protection from all ultra violet light, UVC, UVB, UVA, etc.

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The brand advocates providing a solution to exposure to all forms of ultra violet light, and ensuring the penetration of only the safest and glare free light through their Oakley HD Polarized lenses. The brand states to provide efficient protection along with a high quality of visual clarity to their users through their specially designed lenses.

The Oakley Polarized lenses are stated by the brand to be designed around a single sheet of polarized film, with no procedure of gluing in a number of sheets and films together for a lens. The Oakley lenses are not sandwiched and glued in forms of different films, but are actually a single lens sheet designed through infusion modeling.

The brand advocates that the process of gluing and sandwiching in multiple films to form a lens, tends to adversely affect and hamper the clarity of the lens itself, which offers obstructed vision to the user. The brand focuses on providing effective protection and excellent visual clarity to be enjoyed by an individual who opts for the Oakley polarized lenses.

Oakley tends to differentiate itself from the competition by focusing on catering to the two most pressing needs of their client market, namely glare protection and clear vision. The brand believes that if an individual opts for a pair of polarized sunglass lenses, they should also have the opportunity to enjoy a clear vision while outdoors, without compromising on visual acuity for effective protection.

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The Oakley lenses, being crafted from a single film of polarized coating tend to offer great vision along with effective protection. The polarized feature of the lenses has been designed by the brand to convert the harsh light rays into a sleep mode, which involves reducing their ultra violet intensity level, and permitting only safe light to pass through the lens.

The brand states that visual distortion due to the sandwiching of multiple films for providing a polarized effect offers great inconvenience and hampers the individual from engaging in various outdoor activities comfortably.

Polarized sunglass lenses have become a necessity for every outdoor eyewear, but it is important to opt for high quality and visual accuracy in order to derive maximum benefit from the advantageous feature.

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