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What are Oakley G40 Lenses?

oakley half jacket G40 lensesJust as choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses is important for the comfort and suitable protection of the eyes of a person in the great outdoors, the lenses selected to compliment the eyewear are likewise significant.

Sunglass frames need to be chosen after careful consideration of the offered benefits of a particular model and the assessment of the personal needs of an individual, in order to ensure that the ideal eyewear model is chosen. Sunglasses which are comfortable to wear, durable and stylish are the heartfelt desire of many an individual. Add to that eyewear lenses which offer great glare protection and visual clarity and it becomes a dream come true for multitudes!

Sunglass lenses should be chosen with a careful analysis of the personal needs of an individual, so that an appropriate decision is made regarding the best lens options to opt for the outdoor eyewear. Some individuals engage in various outdoor activities like sports and traveling for long hours during the day, for which they require effective sunglass lenses which can offer them efficient protection from ultra violet light without compromising the visual acuity of the person.

The Oakley G40 lenses have been designed to accommodate the needs of sports professionals and sports enthusiasts who do not wish to compromise visual acuity for the sake of glare protection.

The OAKLEY G40 Sunglass Lenses

The G40 lenses offer increased contrast which proves to be very convenient and effective in discerning the changes in different colors of the landscape, which makes for easy and comfortable vision. The lenses have a rose colored tint, with the upper part of the lens darker in tint which lightens up till it reaches the lower part of the eyewear lens.

The G40 lenses have been crafted for use in low to medium bright outdoor conditions, and offer great contrast which ensures convenient and accurate vision. The lenses have been designed by the brand not to compromise on visual acuity while providing a great contrast enhancement effect, but to offer the user the fun and exhilaration of perfect vision while enjoying a game of golf on the course.

The rose shaded tint of the lens from a darker to a lighter tone facilitates in adapting to the outdoor light conditions, without presenting a significant change to the user while sporting the eyewear lenses. An individual does not experience any sudden or marked changes in vision while wearing the lenses, but the G40 adapt according to the brightness of the outdoor conditions, offering optimal vision and suitable contrast.

The wide contrast range of the Oakley G40 lenses offer the desired outdoor visual convenience, for engaging in and enjoying activities and sports which require perfect vision and effective identification of colors and surroundings for comfort.

The Oakley G40 is the ideal lens choice for venturing outdoors and enjoying the increased contrast effect of the optical lenses, which ensure comfort, refined visibility, better protection and a perfect vision in light to medium bright outdoor conditions.

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