Metronomy: The English Riviera Album Review, Stream and Download

Summer is almost over and a cool album to get into if you like the indie / 80s genre with some electronic feel may be the latest record from Metronomy. In a 3 year span, Metronomy has really changed its sound. I was on YouTube checking out some of their older videos and its incredible how they matured musically as a band.

metronomyThis is a record you may want to download if you’re looking for some chill out almost melancholy tunes. I’m not a fan of the whole record but I’ve listened to it more and more and liking it as I go. The two songs I would 100% put on my iPod are “The Look” and “Bay.” The Look reminds me a lot of Belle and Sebastian musically.

PitchFork says, “…As you’d imagine given that description, The English Riviera is an extremely listenable album, starting with “We Broke Free”, an exquisite, low-slung slice of 70s studio rock redolent of Boz Scaggs and the Dan. That seductively contented vibe pervades much of the record, including “She Wants”, “Loving Arm”, and the waltzing “Trouble”. While still vigorously scrubbed, songs like “Everything Goes My Way”, “The Look”, and “The Bay” reflect dance and indie sensibilities, aligning those efforts more closely with the likes of Phoenix, Hot Chip, Junior Boys, and Stars.”

Get THE ENGLISH RIVIERA: The English Riviera - Metronomy

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