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Kristen Stewart Rocks Ralph Lauren

Kristen Stewart, known best for her performance in the Twilight Saga films, is perhaps one of today’s biggest influences on style for women of all ages. Tweens and teens idolize her as Bella Swan, the protagonist in Twilight, and many other women see her as a strong, capable actress, especially after her magnificent job in Snow White and the Huntsman. Stewart’s glam-grunge style is an inspiration for all women who want to be comfortable in jeans, but look girly and smart at the same time. Stewart is known for choosing oversized clothing with feminine accessories, including great sunglasses.

POLO PH4044 500187

Kristen Stewart's unique style influences women of all ages (image © anthropologieandco.com)

In Twilight, Bella Swan is described as a plain brunette girl who just wants to get out of school and go to college as quickly as possible. Her plans for a non-notable existence go off track, however when she meets and falls in love with Edward, Robert Pattinson’s character in the saga. We know that Kristen Stewart is anything but plain! Her fierce style is one of her most striking characteristics, besides her awesome cheekbones.

Perhaps it’s from being born and raised in Southern California, but one of Kristen’s most noticeable accessories off-set is her sunglasses. She’s never without a fashionable pair of shades, and has been spotted wearing sunglasses by Ray Ban, Ralph Lauren, and Versace, to name just a few. Her POLO by Ralph Lauren shades are a fan favorite. They’re classic enough to avoid going out of style, plus they’re feminine without being overly girly. The black frames and dark gray lenses mean they work with any outfit, from super casual to dressy.

POLO PH4044 500187

The unique shape of the bridge on these sunglasses is one of the most attractive features of this particular pair of shades. Instead of a standard curve, it looks more like the bottom of a skeleton key, which gives them a timeless, old-school vibe. Kristen Stewart pulls these off perfectly with her classic face structure. Doesn’t she remind you of a young Katherine Hepburn sometimes with her knowing, steady gaze? These round, classic frames may be a little more masculine than some ladies’ sunglasses, but with Kristen’s delicate bone structure, and high cheekbones, these frames somehow just make her seem all the more feminine.

POLO PH4044 500187

Kristen Stewart is most closely associated with the Twilight movies (photo © justjared.com)


Whether she’s a fierce vampire in the Twilight Saga, or battling evil queens alongside handsome Aussie Chris Helmsworth in Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart is a style inspiration for girls and women everywhere. Fashionwise, she’s one of the most unique celebrities out there, and she is also a strong working role model, since she sticks to what she does best and portrays herself as the “everywoman” so many women can relate to.

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