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Iron Man Wears Von Zipper Fulton Sunglasses

Iron Man in Von Zipper Fulton

Credit: BoxWish.com

It’s not every day I chance upon a bona fide superhero lounging on the roof of my apartment building, and that being Iron Man himself!

Not exactly sure where the metallic-suited fella finds the time for this type of R&R considering he’s got a multi-million business empire to run, beautiful women to entertain — not to mention being a highly in-demand crime fighter. But I wasn’t about to begrudge him a little downtime.

Luckily I just so happened to have my 4G iPhone with me, and he was game enough to indulge this amateur photographer.

So, here we have Tony Stark kicking-back comfortably while hamming it up for the camera in a pair of totally awesome shades. If you ask me, he’s looking a little full of  himself.  However, there’s no denying the instant coolness factor he possesses in the metallic suit, combined with Von Zipper Fulton sunglasses. Retail price for the suit runs a cool $250 million. So your less insane option is to go with the shades at a slightly more economical $90.

Von Zipper Fulton Sunglasses$90

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