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What Glasses is Julia Gillard Wearing?

julia gillard glassesWhen you remain famous as the first woman Prime Minister of Australia, you have to carry yourself with elegance and panache. Julia Gillard simply does not have the luxury of going lax on her style choices. Clothes, shoes, hairdos or eye glasses; the curious public scrutinizes every piece of Julie, showering adoration for a “right” move and mercilessly crucifying her for a wrong move.

If there’s one accessory that has consistently earned Julia brownie points with the fickle public, it’s her eyewear. Julia’s eyewear style has always been universally applauded. Her favorites seem to border around rose color rims that go with her hair. Chic without being overly trendy, studious without being geeky, Julia’s eyewear style has consistently scored her popularity points with the public. Her glasses have even brought vintage inspired “hipster” frames with classic styles back in fashion.

If you wish to emulate Julia’s eyewear style you could opt for the Ray Ban RX5145 2332 or the RAY-BAN 5228. The Italian giant has produced glasses that are perfect for an active lifestyle, suiting Julia to the T. This pair comes with a full rim in a stylish dark metallic red tone. They’re unisex and comfortably suit both men and women. This popular pair was first introduced in 2009, and has been sold several thousand times over to customers eager to update their eyewear style.

The Ray Ban Optical frame Light Ray RB7039 – 2077 is another popular style emulating Julia’s eyewear style. It comes in Brown Matte that looks surprisingly close to Julia’s rose framed glasses. This has an eye length of 51mm and is suitable for both men and woman. As with all Ray Ban glasses, this too bears its unmistakable stamp of quality and comes with a 2year warranty on purchase.


Ray Ban as a band is known for its classic styles and bright colors. Not exactly what you’d expect Julia to relish. Yet, both these pairs subscribe to the “Julia” style of glasses. With a typical eye size of 51mm (perfect for Julia’s bright face), Ray Ban offers you understated elegance and sheer class. By investing in a smart pair of Ray Ban eyewear, you will be sure to turn heads where you go.

Ray Ban is a renowned eyewear brands. By choosing their products, you can rest assured that you are getting top dollar quality and great value for your money. You are assured eyewear that adhere the highest standards in the industry, without losing out on style or comfort. Their prescription lens is often customizable, as is the lens material. When you buy a pair, your vision increases in precision! With their eyewear, you can surely prepare to see the world in much brighter and greater detail!

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