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Ten Ways to Live Like a Supermodel

1. Create a Signature Hairstyle – Then Keep it

Do you have long luscious blonde locks, or short spiky brunette hair? Chances are your friends recognize you by your hair, so having a signature hairstyle is just one step in living like a supermodel. If you feel your hair needs a change, try layers, highlights, or fringe.

2. Rushed in the Morning? Skip the Makeup, but not the Sunglasses

If you have mornings that are chaotic, skipping your makeup till you get to the office can save you precious minutes. But don’t skip the sunglasses! They hide dark circles under your eyes and give you a fashionable appearance, even early in the morning!

3. Make Your Skin Beautiful from the Inside Out

Externally applied products are give your skin the appearance of health, but taking fish oil and vitamins, and drinking water and green tea are best for making your skin shine. Staying hydrated means your skin stays firmer and retains moisture. Bye-bye $400 creams! Say hello to a fifty-cent cup of green tea in the morning.

4. Build your Calves for a Balanced Walk in Heels

Many women fear walking in heels because it’s not easy walking in them! Strengthening your calves can help you balance, not fall, in even the tallest heels.

5. Fix Your Clothes on the Fly

Carrying several sizes of safety pins can be the difference between a tube top and a spaghetti strap tank top. Models often have to fix last minute rips and tears before hitting the catwalk. Most times, you can save your outfit with a well placed safety pin.

6. Wet Hair? Don’t Dry it all the Way

Leaving your hair damp can help create a unique textured style. Don’t blow it out all the way, let some moisture stay in your hair. Worried about frizz? Fight it with a smoothing cream that will let your hair retain its elasticity.

7. Switch up your Scent at Noon

Instead of sticking with your signature scent all day, switch it up around lunchtime to create a different atmosphere. Pick a citrus perfume in the morning for energy, and change to a more sophisticated floral after lunch.

8. Pose like a Pin-up

When you take photos, follow these tips to help you look your best:

  • Relax! When you’re tense, the camera picks it up.
  • Never face directly towards the camera.
  • Develop a signature smile that everyone will recognize you by!

9. Eat Healthy on the Go

Plane food is usually unhealthy, so travel with healthy, protein filled snacks like pistachio nuts, or protein bars. But stop yourself after one serving, because healthy as they are, they can be high in calories.

10. Forget Heavy Foundation and Pick a Light Concealer

Too much foundation can look cakey and clog pores. Lightweight concealer helps you achieve a more natural look. With well-placed concealer, your skin can look as flawless and natural as the most famous supermodels!


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