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Difference Between Oakley Jawbone And Split Jacket

Oakley sunglasses fall into three distinct categories namely, Sports, lifestyle and adventure. Each of these sunglasses have characteristics that make that ideal for tasks specific to the categories. For example, Lifestyle oriented glasses have trendy looks and are mostly designed by artists and inspired by rising trends among celebrities. Some of Oakley’s lifestyle glasses are adored and represented by celebrities and special editions are released to the market for a limited period based on the collection. Sports personalities also adore some sunglasses that help them during their game. These sports glasses are often available for long periods, sometimes as long as the player uses it. Adventure glasses are a mix of sports and durability that is also optimized for extra protection and sturdiness during adventurous activities.

The Oakley jawbone is a perfect example of an effective sport sunglass. Its new Switchlock technology allows you to open the lower part of the frame so that you can change lenses according to light conditions. The sturdy and flexible design holds the lenses in place due to a suspension system that reduces the effect of stress on the frame and avoids and damage to the lenses. As it is designed for professional sports use, all the various parts of the sunglass is perfectly in conjunction with each other to avoid and damage due to rough sportive conditions. The innovative architecture allows optimal clarity through its High Definition Optics technology. The excellent engineering allows you to easily remove the nose piece and replace it with a more suitable on whenever you wish. The three point fit technology ensures that the glasses touch the wearers face only the nose and the two sides of the ears without hanging like a hinge like conventional sunglasses.

Unlike professional sports sunglasses, the Oakley split jacket is meant for adventure sports. Therefore it is a mix of technologies required by adventurists and professional sportsmen. The polarized and streak resistant glasses allow you to see clearly even in the toughest terrains and landforms. They immensely improve your eyesight by reducing the incoming glare and avoiding 100% of all incoming UV rays. It is made of the same O-Matter frame but is tightly held with a steel hinge that allows Plutonite lenses to perfectly cover your eyesight, therefore avoiding all incoming harmful radiation. The lenses are interchangeable like the Jawbone edition and allows you to use the glasses as per your requirements. You can also use the glasses for casual use or with other outfits but it is primarily designed for physical adventure activities.

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