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Wear Boyfriend Jeans into Fall

Boyfriend jeans have to be the most comfortable pair of jeans (along with the jeggings) they’re relaxed, but you still feel feminine and cute in them. So let’s go through some things that you should look for when getting your boyfriend jeans, how to wear them and how you can pull the look through fall.

The way these jeans should fitted around the waist and the fit should be loose around the, but and thigh area. If you can’t find what the stores classify as boyfriend jeans, get a pair that is one size bigger than what you wear. Do not go over one size bigger it will look like you borrowed the pants from a friend.

When wearing something that is baggy you should ALWAYS pair it with something that is fitting. So when rockin’ the boyfriend jeans wear it with fitted shirts, t-shirts, vests or blazers, this will keep the look feminine and relaxed. You don’t want to look heavier than you really are, none of us do. The jeans also come in different type of cuts, it all depends what you’re looking for.

So how can we transition the boyfriend jeans into fall?

• Wear textured tights underneath and pair these with ankle books.
• Try high slouchy boots (over the jeans of course) this looks super cute and goes with the relaxed feel.
• When wearing them with booties cuff them just above the booties.
• To wear it at night crop them and use fall sandals, and accessorize that way you’re outfit will pop, but still look chic and well put together.

Just remember to keep the look clean, don’t make the look sloppy. Checkout the pictures to get some ideas as to how you should pair the jeans up:

boyfriend jeans look

how to wear boyfriend jeans

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