Biotrue Contact Lenses Review

Biotrue Contact Lenses are unique type of contact lenses that are created to be worn for one day. The Biotrue ONEday contact lenses are designed specially to work exactly like your eyes, mimicking every function of the eye to ensure maximum comfort throughout the day. Biotrue ONEday contact lenses are designed after extensive research on the qualities of the human eye. After studying how the human eye has a system that naturally cleans, hydrates and keeps itself healthy, these lenses were created to mimic a similar system.

The claim of the brand is that human eyes stay naturally moist throughout the day and so should contact lenses. However this is not true because most contact lenses dry out as the day progresses, causing discomfort and irritation making it difficult for the wearer to concentrate on anything else other than the discomfort.

This is why Biotrue ONEday contact lenses are created to mimic the functions of the eye and stay moist throughout the day instead of drying out like ordinary lenses. Its surface is designed to retain a moisture level very similar to that of the human eye in order to help keep them soft throughout the day as well as lubricated for maximum comfort.

This is why Biotrue provides crisp and comfortable vision for an entire day. This is also why they feel light in the eye because they stay soft and retain their shape compared to the regular contact lenses. Ordinary contacts have the tendency to dry out and harden out as the day progresses and cause tremendous discomfort as well as tiring out eyes.

By the end of the day many people can’t wait to get rid of their contacts and utter a deep sigh of relief once they have done so. Fortunately the people using Biotrue ONEday have no such complaints due to its extensive comfort and natural eye like quality, providing comfortable wear through the day.

Apart from the comfort in wear, Biotrue ONEday contacts are designed to help eliminate reflections, glares and other effects harsh light and sunlight can have on the eyes.


Biotrue ONEday lenses come paired with Biotrue lens solution which has unique properties of its own to keep up with the unique design of the lenses. It has three special qualities that are very different from ordinary lens solutions, inspired by the biology of human eye.

Biotrue lens solution contains a lubricant that is very similar to the natural moisture in the eyes. The pH levels are similar to those found in the human eye and it has properties that keep the tear protein in our eyes active.

It is also a far superior disinfectant that manages the system in the lenses to ensure they work as closely to the human eye as possible providing lasting comfort and clear vision.

Taking care of our eyes is of prime importance but not everyone likes wearing glasses all the time. Investing in a pair of good contact lenses is a far better idea especially if it’s meant for long term use.

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