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Best Dita Sunglasses For Women

Finding a pair of Dita Sunglasses for women can seem difficult but we gathered a list of the Top 5 Dita Sunglasses available exclusively at Designer Eyes to make your search for the perfect pair of Dita sunnies that much easier.

#1 Dita Sunbird Cat-Eye Sunglasses

About The Dita Sunbird Sunglasses: The Sunbird convey the bombast of Brigitte Bardot in a style that works effortlessly on both the street and the shore.

The Dita Sunbird Sunglasses feature lightweight acetate lens rims are surrounded by titanium and its titanium frame has coin detail on the lens rim. Its nose pad and bridge are pressed from one piece of metal, which provides unparalleled support. Further, it has 100% UVA and UVB lenses with an anti-reflective coating and two-tone metal plating. This cat-eye frame is a necessity.

#2 Dita Nightbird-One Sunglasses

About The Dita Nightbird-One Sunglasses: Sculpted with the grace of wings extended in flight, NIGHTBIRD-ONE’s innovative titanium double frame builds upon years of experimentation with titanium construction.

The first in a triad of innovative concept frames for Spring 2018, The Nightbird-One Sunglasses relies upon tension to hold its wing-shaped ombre lenses in place. Previous frames models, composed of a single titanium wire, were engineered to reduce the number of moving components and thus reduce mechanical friction; Nightbird-one’s double frame construction gently cradles the lens between the thin titanium wire, creating a distinct design language for future Nightbird-Series frames.

#3 Dita Narcissus Sunglasses

About Dita Narcissus Sunglasses: These sunglasses are the lively companion to the hit frame CREATURE that probes the complicated interplay of two 1980’s cultural phenomena that continue to reverberate in contemporary society: the embrace of angular, directional silhouettes in fashion and the rapid shift from analog to digital technology; and the bold, muscular proportions of 80s-era womenswear and accessories—silhouettes that tinkers with traditional concepts of power and subverted gender roles. The modern revival of a DITA classic exemplifies the brand’s dedication to fine design and innovation materials. Narcissus’s oversized frame recalls the bold, muscular proportions of sculpted acetate lens rims, which dispense with cliche and offers a fresh take on power dressing for modern women.

The Dita Narcissus Sunglasses feature a combination titanium/acetate frame and custom titanium nose pads. Additionally, it has an exposed monofilament on the inner nose bridge and a lens mounted inside the titanium structure. It has 100% UVA and UVB lens with an anti-reflective coating, allowing you to be stylish and protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Purchase a pair today.


#4 Dita Sasu Sunglasses

About The Dita Sasu Sunglasses:
Future and flora, inexorably intertwined: Sasu’s petal-shaped silhouette and hi-tech construction create a new take on a classic 70’s shape. The second in a triad of innovative concept frames for Spring 2018, Sasu was informed by the similarities that connect a bionic future to our natural world. Initially inspired by the natural beauty of blossoming flowers, the frame is unmistakably futuristic both in style and construction.

The Dita Sasu sunglasses‘ feature a “step-down” lens treatment features a unique implementation of the technique: the 4-base petal-shaped lens is skived, for a unique matte finish, creating a multi-dimensional treatment on the surface of the lens. A slender titanium frame surrounds the circumference of the lens, mimicking the structure and function of a plant’s cell walls. The frame features an array of luxurious details, from the wishbone titanium temple design to custom titanium nose pads.

#5 Dita Nightbird-Two Sunglasses

About Dita Nightbird-Two Sunglasses:
The NIGHTBIRD-TWO is a sinuous round frame, inspired by the concept of floating, that references the glamorous proportions of Art Moderne. The Nightbird-Series’ titanium dual-frame builds upon years of experimentation with titanium construction in a unique sculpted round shape.

The Nightbird-Series dual-frame construction gently cradles the lens between thin titanium wire, creating a distinct design language for the series. The thin dual-frame is crafted from ultra-lightweight titanium that is both flexible and strong. A single screw on either side of the frame uses tension to hold the lenses in place. Inspired by the concept of floating and devices such as microscope slides, the Nightbird-Two Sunglasses is a sinuous round referencing the glamorous proportions of Art Moderne.

#6 Dita Talon-Two Sunglasses

About The Dita Talon-Two Sunglasses:
The Talon-Two is an all-titanium hybrid aviator with our signature ‘talon’. The unique lens shape was inspired by round character frames from the turn of the century combined with a 60’s aviator, while the Talon lens suspension elements are a nod to the mechanical Art Deco production design prevalent in German Expressionist film from the 1930’s.

The all titanium frame uses DITA’s signature Talon mount design to visually support a ‘floating’ lens concept and accommodate for the thinner frame shape. The titanium structure of the Talon-Two has thin extruded sections that act as an overall exoskeleton for the lenses. These extruded Talon elements are the bent into desired shapes with fine grooving (knurling) on the front making for an extraordinary fit and finish.

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