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Best Dita Sunglasses For Men

Finding the right pair of sunglasses for a guy can be really difficult. One of the top brands for men’s sunglasses is Dita Eyewear. So if you are on the search for the perfect pair of sunnies for you or the special man in your life, look no further!


Dita mach-six sunglasses for men
About The Dita Mach-Six Sunglasses:
Stripped of ornamentation and obsessed with the details, the new take on the MACH-SERIES represents the culmination of a two-year design review that reaffirms DITA’s obsession with automotive design and the art of speed. The Mach-Six lens is mounted on top of the lens rim giving an uninterrupted appearance and affixed with DITA’s hex screws.

Dita Mach-Six Sunglasses for men

Crafted in titanium, the Mach-Six Sunglasses features a forked temple hinge with DITA’s hex screws securing the temple to the frame’s chassis. A sleek, dual-titanium brow bar echoes the mechanical design of the hinge while allowing multiple titanium colors to be mounted. Inspired by speed and relentlessly minimalistic: the Mach-Six charts a fearless new course for DITA’s celebrated capsule of racing-inspired eyewear.


Dita Talon-two Sunglasses for men

About the Dita Talon-Two Sunglasses: The Talon-Two is an all-titanium hybrid aviator with our signature ‘talon’. The unique lens shape was inspired by round character frames from the turn of the century combined with a 60’s aviator.  While the Talon lens suspension elements are a nod to the mechanical Art Deco production design prevalent in German Expressionist film from the 1930’s.

Dita Talon-Two Sunglasses for men

The Dita Talon-Two Sunglasses feature all titanium frame uses DITA’s signature Talon mount design to visually support a ‘floating’ lens concept and accommodate for the thinner frame shape. The titanium structure of the Talon-Two has thin extruded sections that act as an overall exoskeleton for the lenses. These extruded Talon elements are the bent into desired shapes with fine grooving (knurling) on the front making for an extraordinary fit and finish.


Dita Mach-One sunglasses for men

About the Dita Mach-One Sunglasses: The limited edition DITA Mach-One sunglasses draw inspiration for the love of fast cars, quick boats and sleek planes. Engraved with a unique serial number on the temple, these limited edition square shaped aviator-style sunglasses were released as part of an exclusive edition.

Dita mach-one sunglasses for men

These DITA sunglasses were handcrafted in titanium and Japanese acetate with a striking temple and bridge. The lenses have anti-reflective technology and are engraved with the famous DITA logo. The DITA Mach One sunglasses are an exquisite yet attainable fashion accessory.


Dita Flight 006 sunglasses for men

About The Dita Flight .006 Sunglasses:
Fighter pilots, revered among soldiers for their daring and swagger, became something of a style inspiration for men in the post-war years, and no other item conveys their iconic status as clearly as the aviator frame. Flight 006 is DITA’s tribute to the bravery of those pilots, in the classic shape but constructed in muscular, modern materials for a new look.

Dita Flight 006 Sunglasses for men

Designed for daring men, the Dita Flight.006 sunglasses feature a stunning array of gorgeous titanium detail such as the front frame, bridge piece and brow bar plus custom titanium temples with diamond pressed detail. Handcrafted in Japan, the lenses is 100% UVA and UVB with an anti-reflective coating.


Dita Decade-Two sunglasses for men

About The Dita Decade-Two Sunglasses: This limited edition frame was originally part of an exclusive worldwide edition of 1,000 pieces. DITA celebrates 20 years as an industry vanguard with the release of its most innovative offering to date: the DECADE-TWO, a turbocharged reboot of the classic aviator frame that highlights many of DITA’s technical advances over the last decade.

Dita Decade-Two sunglasses for men

The melding of past and future, classic and cutting-edge, the DECADE-TWO frame is sleek and lean, with a mesh metal bridge and drill mount two-base lenses that provides a blast of coastal cool to a menswear staple. Signature details, such as DITA’s diamond-press detailing and flexible nose pads, feature in luxurious materials like titanium and 18-karat plated gold hardware.


About the Dita Endurance 79 Sunglasses:
The Dita Endurance 79 turbocharged aviator sunglasses pay homage to the breathtaking feats of sports car endurance racers. The 70’s inspired frame is constructed with a muscular titanium exoskeleton, a monofilament fuse holds the molded plastic brow, metal rim, and lens in place. The temples resemble the pristine hardware of performance racing vehicles while its etched acetate face recalls the sleek, reflective eyewear made iconic by victors of this daredevil sport.

DITA ENDURANCE 79 Sunglasses for men

Though it cuts an imposing figure, Endurance 79 delivers with an array of carefully considered design features—most notably the clever use of monofilament in the frame’s construction. Monofilament traditionally serves a single purpose: to hold lenses in place. Endurance 79 employs an innovative construction method that uses monofilament to hold three of the frame’s critical components in place: the molded plastic brow, metal rim, and the lens—a technique that’s noteworthy for a frame of retro descent. Finishing details, including a mechanical fastener behind the brow held together by a custom titanium crossbar, nod to the bold minimalism of 70s design and architecture in a way that captures the unbridled thrill of the open road.

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